Sarah- owner/
lead designer



My first job was at a party store filling up balloons! Ever since then, I have loved creating beautiful artwork and decorations with balloons. I got the wonderful opportunity to get trained by one of the best in this business, Tena Santularia. Tena gave me the opportunity and space to learn and shape my skills, and I am so lucky to be able to take over the business she built with love, from the ground-up. Now, working out of my own home-based private studio I will concentrate on making corporate events POP with my decorating, as well as helping with YOUR signature theme parties. I can’t wait to work with you!

TENA- Founder/Former Owner

As one of the "original balloonies" Tena shared her passion for balloons and event design for over 30 years. She started with a week of Valentine deliveries, then moved into a retail store. She later opened a large scale party shop, then settled into a home-based studio to continue concentrate on corporate clients and her signature theme parties. 

Tena hired and trained her successor, Sarah, who took over the business in 2021.